SOLD FashionToast-Inspired Chain Harness

Chain harness DIY'ed from a Forever21 necklace. Exact same one as seen above (I made 2), and posted the DIY here. Base metal, lobster-clasp closure.


$3 shipping in the US
$7 shipping international


Donna said...

I just sent you an email. Cuz I want this necklace! :) Thanks so much for opening up shop!

carlyjcais said...

No prob! It's on hold for you now...:-)

Donna said...

Check out my Thank You on my blog!

Eri said...

Hi there,

I just came across your blog and really enjoyed it! Very cool.

Please come and visit me too!

I hope to see you soon.

carlyjcais said...

Hi Donna!
Thank you for letting me know - you look great in the harness!
I am so glad you got it and hope that you will enjoy it.:-)
Thank you for being such a sweetie - and my first customer!

Dusk said...

This is brilliant!! Any chance you make this in gold hon??

carlyjcais said...

Hi Dusk! Thank you so much!<3

I could probably make this in gold, tho it may take me a little while to source similar chains...this piece was remade from a Forever 21 necklace, and given that they aren't selling any similar gold necklaces right now, I'd have to source all the chain on a spool, cut, and assemble. It would be a bit more work but not impossible!!:-)

Are you interested in a gold version?

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