SOLD DIY Sideways Gold Cross Ring

Base metal sideways brushed gold cross, glued onto thin adjustable gold ring band (resizeable to about 6.5 - 8). 2" long; 1.25" wide.


$3.50 shipping in the US
$5.00 shipping to Canada
$7 shipping international

(I honestly had no idea Forever 21 had put out something similar recently...I just saw the cross in a store and thought "wouldn't that be cool as a sideways ring just like my sideways necklace?"  I had the cross finding and just turned it sideways for the ring.  Strange!)
Here is the silver version.  I personally can't choose!
Here are both of them worn together...I think they look pretty cool like that too!

I have now listed these rings on my Etsy at my store carlyjcais.  Please check it out if you prefer the Etsy platform!



Chiara said...

would you be able to make one in silver?

carlyjcais said...

Yes I can! (And I have, actually - just haven't posted yet for sale.) Pls email me @ admin at so I can send you a photo of the finished product.

Thank you!

anna said...

yes you should sell them on etsy!!! Do you already have an etsy account?

carlyjcais said...

Thanks for the feedback, anna! I guess I probably should...I'll make an announcement on my Chic Steals blog when I do! (I guess since F21 is no longer making the similar version, there's still a demand out there for it!)

Marta said...

Hi! I was looking for this cross ring for ages. I've found some stuff but all of them were a bit expensive. The price of your ring is really ok. I'm interested in the silver one. Can you contact me if it's still available? THanks very much.

mysticismlover said...

Do you still make these? my email is

kemnitz714 said...

is their anyway you can make it go on 2 fingers? or does it fit pretty well on just one?

carlyjcais said...

@mysticismlover: Yes, I still make these - I sell them in my Etsy shop Please check them out there!

carlyjcais said...

@kemnitz714: Yes, I also make a two-finger version, available in my Etsy shop (see above). Thanks for your interest!

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't still make these rings would you? Because I looked on your Etsy shop and they are not there ..

Carly J. Cais said...

@Anon 9.55: Ah yes, those rings- the ones in my shop just sold out. I'm currently really busy with personal projects and so put my Etsy shop on vacation; probably in mid-September I'll have the time to make more of these rings. If you'd like to be notified when I've made more, go here ( and click the "Notify me by Email" button.
Thanks for your interest!

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